Certification Via Experience

Certification via Experience (CVE) is an alternate route to becoming a Certified Human Resource Practitioner (CHRP) through the assessment of relevant HR Work Experience.

 It recognizes and credits relevant HR experience
 It provides a route for Full members who do not have the time to go through the tuition and write the Certification Exam because of pressing work responsibilities.

1. A Full Member-in good-standing of the Institute for at least 2 consecutive years
2. A first degree or its equivalent in any discipline
3. 4 years’ work experience in a managerial position (*Middle to Executive Management Level)
4. Should have provided evidence of having participated in at least six formal Continuing Professional Education (CPE) workshops /training within the last three years.
5. Should have evidence of a minimum of 5 years work experience in at least 3 of the following subject areas in HR :
• Strategic Human Resource Management
• Employee Resourcing
• Rewards and Compensation Management
• Business Communication
• Industrial Relations
• Talent Management
• Learning and Development
• Organizational Development
*(In the case of a specialist, he/she must demonstrate at least 7 years’ continuous experience in that single area)

Assessment Tools:
 Detailed review of record of professional experience
 An interview with IHRMP assessor(s)
 Detailed reference from 3 nominated referees
Duration: After submission of application and relevant documentation, assessment would be done within six (6) months.

NB: An interview may be requested at the discretion of the IHRMP assessors.


Mode of Application:
1. Fill an application form, submit with bank draft to cover cost GHS4, 500.00(Four Thousand, Five Hundred Ghana Cedis), two passport-sized photographs (white background) and certificates
2. Attach resume or curriculum vitae detailing work experience
 CV should cover dates of employment
 Job roles, names of organizations
 Key responsibilities and achievements for current and previous roles emphasis on past Five Years
3. Nominate 3 referees who can speak to work experience or performance on the job
 1st Referee:
• Should be your direct manager. If you are an HR consultant then 1st Referee should be a recent client.
 2nd Referee and 3rd Referee: A peer who can speak on the impact of your work.


Management Levels
Executive Management
• Applicant reports directly to the CEO
• Responsible for developing HR Strategy for the organization
• Heads HR
• Final Authority in HR Issues in the organization

Middle Management
• Applicant reports directly to a Senior Manager eg. Head of HR
• Responsible for implementing HR Strategy in organization
• Coordinates and supervise HR activities at the unit/departmental level
• Involved in the development of HR Strategy

HR Areas
 Strategic Human Resource Management: meeting long-term organizational goals through the use of HR Strategy in managing human resources.
 Employee Resourcing: Meeting an organization’s staffing requirements with interrelated HR activities
 Rewards and Compensation Management: All interrelated HR activities connected to rewards and payment in relation to employees’ value and performance.
 Business Communication: Internal Business and Human Resource communications including guidelines, policies, notices and procedures that help manage workforce.
 Industrial Relations: Managing relations between employees, unions and organization Management

• Talent Management: using integrated organizational HR Processes to meet strategic and operational goals and objectives via attraction, development, motivation and retention of engaged employees.
• Learning and Development: Using HR Tools and Learning Activities to cause employees to acquire new skills and competencies to improve on current performance capacity
• Organizational Development: Designing, implementing, diagnosing, and maintaining organization Systems.



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