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The Professional Certification Programme is designed to provide professional certification for practising HR Professionals and training for polytechnic and university graduates who desire to practise HR in organizations. The HR function has changed dramatically and has expanded beyond its previous focus on operational and administrative activities. In modern organizations, the HR practitioner is expected to add value to the business by designing and aligning HR strategies, systems, and policies with business goals and strategies. Value addition HR practice requires the possession of professional HR knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes which come only with professional training.

It is against this background that the Professional Certification Programme (PCP), a four-level programme, was designed and launched in September, 2002.
Minimum entry requirements for the PCP is an HND in any discipline from a recognised tertiary Institution

Students who successfully complete the four levels are awarded the designation Certified Human Resource Practitioner.

Apart from the Institute running the tuition in Accra and Tema, two learning partners have also been engaged to provide tuition in Kumasi and Takoradi.

Students also have the option to apply as private candidates.

Minimum Entry Requirements and entry levels:

Level 1: A prospective student with a Bachelors Degree or a Higher National Diploma or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized tertiary Institution will start from Level 1.

Level 3: A prospective student with Bachelors Degree or Masters in HR or equivalent will start from Level 3.

Subject Exemptions

Prospective students who have done courses that the Institute runs at levels 1 and 2 in the pursuit of their Bachelor or Master degree(s), have the opportunity to apply for subject exemptions during the admission process.

Exemptions are granted based on the courses that are displayed on a prospective student’s academic transcript.

However, Exemptions are not granted from Level 3 courses.

Exemption fees apply but will be waived for students enrolled straight onto Level 3

For a student to have an idea about the exemptions that will be granted when applying, they should compare what is on their transcript with the list of courses that are run.

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TITLE OF PAPER                       

Level 1

  1. Principles of Management
  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  1. General Psychology
  1. Business Statistics

Level 2

  1. Organizational Behaviour
  1. Introduction to Human Resource Development
  1. Fundamentals of Accounting
  1. Introduction to Industrial Relations

Level 3

  1. Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management
  1. Recruitment and Compensation Management
  1. Industrial Relations Practice
  1. Human Resource Development Practice
  1. Business communication



Project Work + 3 years working experience in HRM


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The Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP), Ghana, brings together HR practitioners who work in both the public and private sectors of the Ghanaian economy.