Accra Tuition Centre


IHRMP has been providing tuition for the Professional Certification Programme in Accra since 2002.

As the majority of students are workers ,the time table is designed to be flexible. Evening classes are offered during the weekdays and Saturday classes on weekends.

Tuition is provided for Levels 1, 2 and 3 at the HR Centre, Near Darko Farms at Nyaniba Estates.


Accra Venue: Accra, The HR Centre, Nyaniba Estates, near Darko Farms

Levels: 1, 2 and 3

Sessions, Timings and duration:

Level 1 (5 months. Tuition begins in August and Examinations are written in January)

Weekday: 6-8:30 pm (Monday- Thursday)

          Weekends: 9:00 am to 6:15 pm (Every Saturday)

Level 2 (5 months. Tuition begins in March and Examinations are written in July)

Level 2 Weekday: 6-8:30 pm (Monday- Thursday)

          Level 2 Weekends: 9:00 am to 6:15 pm (Every Saturday)

Level 3 (10 months. Tuition begins in September and Examinations are written in July)

On completion of this level, the student is admitted to the Institute as an Associate Member. Certificates are awarded at this stage.

Level 3 Weekday: 6-8:30 pm (Monday- Friday)

Level 3 Weekend: 9:00 am to 5:30 (Saturdays)

Private Candidates

Students who are unable to attend classes because of distance or financial reasons may apply as private candidates. As such they do self-tuition. Such Candidates apply through any of the Institute’s learning partners. Click link for fees 

 Application submissions should be made to the HR Centre, Nyaniba Estates

Application Submission Check List

  • Banker’s draft GHS 120.00 payable to Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners, Ghana (IHRMP)
  • Filled Application form (All exemptions sought should also be indicated)
  • Supporting admission documents
    • Certified copies of transcripts and certificate
    • Two passport sized photographs (white backgrounds)
    • Any other relevant supporting documents

Application deadlines

Admissions are offered based on available vacancies. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply by May 31, 2017 to increase chances of gaining admission in the 2017/2018 Academic year.

NB. Uncompleted forms or forms not completed properly will not be processed.

Minimum entry requirements and exemptions click here

For a breakdown of fees for all Levels and sessions in Accra click here


MOBILE:     0269220210
TEL:           0302767413

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