Professional Skills in Training



The goal of all training is change or value addition. When professionally designed and executed, training becomes a vehicle for the acquisition of requisite competencies by employees and a powerful tool for organizational change.

Unfortunately, training has become a routine activity in our organizations, poorly designed and executed, and delivering little or no return on investment in training to the organization.

Professional Skills in Training is a hands-on programme designed to equip participants with concepts, techniques, skills and orientation to re-position training as a strategic organizational change tool.

Course Contents

1. The Foundations of Training

  • How to respond to a request for training
  • When to do training : The performance model
  • Competencies: The basis of training
  • Why training does not work : A systems view of training
  • The partnership approach to training
  • How to identify learning needs

2. Seeking Approval for Training

  • Writing behavioural training objectives
  • Writing the training proposal

3. Training design

  • The experiential learning cycle
  • Strategies for transfer of learning to the job

4. Facilitating a Training Event

  • Facilitation skills
  • Critiquing training facilitation

5. Evaluating Return on Investment in Training

  • The 4 approaches to training evaluation
  • What the monthly/quarterly training report should tell management


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the timeframe, competency, and job situation criteria when writing training objectives.
  • Apply the 5-step experiential learning cycle when facilitating training events.
  • Utilize the 4-dimensional approach when evaluating the effectiveness of their training programmes.
  • Apply the 3- timeframe model when designing strategies for the transfer of learning back to the job.

Date: N/A

Time: 9:00 am -4:00 pm


Course Fees:

Members: GHS 650.00

Student Members: GHS 550.00

Corporate Members: GHS 650.00

Others: GHS 750.00


Venue: HR Centre, Nyaniba Estates


Mode of payment: Cheque payable to the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners, Ghana (IHRMP)
Payment must be done by September 29, 2016 to confirm participation.


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